High Shine plans to grow its residential side.

High Shine is proud to provide commercial window cleaning services to many big company names through out the East Midlands area. Having the majority of its business in Leicester, Nottingham, Daventry, Derby and Coventry, High Shine is to roll out new campaign plans for 2015 in order to increase its residential customer base.

High Shine is now a registered trade mark in preparation for 2015. CEO, Lee Burbidge says, ” The expansion goal I have, has never been done before in the UK. I have studied the growth of residential window cleaning companies in the US and feel that we can offer that corporate look that would enhance customer confidence and maintain that high level of customer service experience. The secret is to treat your company like a franchise without actually being one. In order to facilitate our goals we are having to strip back every procedure we have to get it ready for growth. This will also include adding systems and adding to the team for back office duties and adding to crews on the ground as we go through the process.”

High Shine Ltd has a Freephone number for any potential residential customers looking for an estimate please call NOW: 0800 999 34 34.